Bobcat and Bob

Someone once told me you had to be hungry to sing the blues.  So in the early '70s I packed up my guitar and moved to Chicago.  Like many young musicians, I was enamored with the legends I had listened to and the players who had spawned so many rock & roll blues hits. I spent several years honing my trade, doing stints with Willie Dixon, Mighty Joe Young, Luther Allison, Son Seals, and developing a special friendship with Hound Dog Taylor.

After touring for several years - living in cheap motels, sleeping in the van, eating a midwest-sized share of fast food, with occasional forays to Europe and the Far East to play festivals - I decided the above statement wasn't true. So I packed my axes and returned to Omaha to pursue a career as a singer/songwirter acoustic guitarist.

I toured the college circuit—releasing my first solo LP and receiving accolades wherever I performed.  My music still retained that early blues edge, but now it had an acoustic timbre.  I developed long-lasting friendships with my contemporaries in the midwest at that time: Leo Kotke, Michael Johnson and John Hartford, to name a few.Bobcat Jack

In the late '80s—when the music died, disco reigned and you might as well have played the accordion as acoustic guitar—I moved to Europe to hone my jazz skills.  I rekindled my relationship with Luther Allison, who was then living in Paris.

When I returned home in the '90s, I did work with David Grisman, Mark O'Connor, the Wootens and Jerry Douglas, among others.  I also caught up with Leo, Michael and some of the new kids on the block like David Wilcox and John GorkaIn 1994 I released “In the Moment” as a compilation disc to show off my various genre skills.  It received critical acclaim and is still considered my best work.

I have since returned to my roots as a serious jazz and blues musician, once again incorporating the electric guitar into my performances.  My blues persona, Bobcat Jack, allows me to perform the music that is near and dear to me, and to meet and play with other regional and national players without diluting my solo career.  I'm currently finishing my new, original blues CD project and expect to release it soon.

Come join me at one of my upcoming live performances and I'll play the blues for you!