Wisdom for talent buyers..............

Karaoke, japanese for asshole...
Robin Williams

American Idol, karaoke without the booze...
Tracy Morgan

Hell is full of musical amateurs...
George Bernard Shaw

Three things you never give a drunk; the keys to a motor vehicle, a firearm, or a microphone...
JW Everitt

bobcats in sedona

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Bobcat Blues by Bobcat Jack
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If you’ve been anxiously awaiting new tunes from the the “Blues Man” himself, Bobcat Jack, the wait is over! The ever popular Bobcat has done it again! Everything you love, the riffs, the licks, the down and dirty blues, you’ll hear it all on Bobcat’s gritty new CD. The long awaited release of Bobcat Jack's "Bobcat Blues" is here, so Kick back and enjoy Blues at it’s best!

Nothin' Left But The Blues
Too Big To Fail
Good Man At Home
Started Out With Nothin'
Blue Jazz
Love The Life
Empty Cellar Blues
I Wasn't Born In Chicago
Bobcat Blues
Eulogy For The Dog

Bobcat Blues by Bobcat Jack
Free Shipping!